DIY Dining Chairs

So I inherited some dining chairs from my mum, old oak ones that are in really good shape just in need of an overhaul. My husband and I decided in re-finishing the chairs and re-upholstering them. We both have never done anything like this before, trusting pinterest and Krylon Spray paint we got to work. The re-upholstering was super easy just wrapping fabric and stapling. Although I do have some bruises for proof.

The spray painting, well we are still at it. I am confident this project will be done before Christmas so we having a lovely matching set, but I don’t want to get my hopes too high. The spray can said that we wouldn’t need to sand or anything so we didn’t! We, well my hubby, has sprayed 2 chairs so far, we did it in our garage but boy did we not realize that a piece of plastic under the chair was not enough, you literally need to cocoon yourself. There is white powder EVERYWHERE. So while we have been procrastinating in cleaning that up we decided to put one of the chairs back together. It looks fantastic! However, the paint has chipped. Arghhh!!!! We will have to do a touch up with the spray paint and a sealant to hold everything in.

Here is what we have learned.

  1. Wear a mask! White nostril hair from aerosol paint is not a good look nor is it good for your lungs.
  2. Probably best to sand prior.  We have decided to sand the rest of the chairs as the paint just adheres better
  3. Cocoon yo’self: Eliminate the mess just seal the space your working with in plastic if your working in a garage. Also make sure you leave the door open for ventilation.
  4. Use a Sealer: Whether you opt for matte or gloss its always a good idea to ensure you seal the paint and prevent chipping!

Happy DIY-ing!

  1. Mari 2 years ago

    Hey! I have to say, even though it seems like you are struggling a bit, for someone who have never done it (like you said) it looks great! DIY Its always great! You can check out my blog for more ideas 🙂

    • Natasha 2 years ago

      Thank you so much! Love your DIY blog! will have to visit for some tips 🙂

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