Current Makeup Obsessions

A girl never quite feels her best until she has doused herself in pink powder, black liner and something glossy. During the week I seldom wear makeup as I go to the gym in the morning and head to work, my work environment involves trampolines so wearing a full face of makeup just doesn’t quite fit. I find I am lucky in that way as my skin gets a breather and I save a good 15 minutes getting ready. I am makeup obsessed so when I do get a chance to doll up I love to go out. February involved lots of outings, from V-day to some parties and get togethers, so I thought it would be a good excuse to head over to Sephora and pick up a few “necessities.” Continue reading

Fresh Face Friday – Zo Exfoliating Polish


Hands down the best exfoliant ever! I was hesitant to purchase as I have so many exfoliants and really I just never remember to use them. But I thought you know what lets get it something new and shiny may make me actually use it. So last week I had a BBL Photofacial, which was awesome as there was no downtime yay! After my treatment my esthetician suggested I purchase an exfoliator as my skin was a little congested. There was one last Zo Skin Health Kit for Continue reading

Sephora – NY Union Square

OMG guys! I got to go to NY City! I literally have fallen in love with New York and would love to visit again and possibly move there. It is such a bustling city which I love and with the never ending choices in fashion and makeup it is any girls haven. We stayed at the W hotel in Union Square, now my hubby got there 2 days before Kiyan and I, when he got to the hotel he sent me a text to say I would love the hotel, not because it is a nice hotel, big rooms, glamorous etc, but because Sephora was across the street! He knows me so well :). Of course as soon as I got there I headed straight over. So many things to play with! I left with Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop! And I love it! Highlight away! I almost walked out with a $50 Christian Louboutin Nail Polish but after trying out the tester was not sold. The brush was very small and the nail polish very thick, now it could have been because everyone was opening and closing and testing it but the Ciate Nail Polishes were near empty and consistency great! So I picked up a couple of those too.

Becca Continue reading

Facial Friday – Ipsy Glam Bag

Eep! I am so excited I finally got my first Ipsy Glam Bag. From the moment I saw that hot pink bubble mailer I knew something amazing was tucked inside and I could not contain myself. I know I am crazy but I have waited 6 weeks for this thing! So for Canadian Residents after our crappy exchange rate and well because we live in Canada it ends up costing us $19.85, this will fluctuate from month to month based on our current conversion rates.

Now for the November Glam Bag the value of the products was $48 so it was still a great deal! The products you get are customized to you, initially when you sign up for Ipsy you take a quiz about your fave brands, look, products etc. Then each month your bag will be customized to your likes.

Here is what was inside my glam bag!

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Fresh Face Friday – Perfecting the Cat Eye

I love a good crisp winged eye liner. It is always fashionable, looks great day or night and on everyone; it is one of my fave go to looks. I always get asked my secrets behind getting a smooth clean line and really there is no major secret, just a couple of good products and a steady hand.  If you are looking to perfect your look here are my tips to the perfect winged eye liner.


  1. Kat Von D Eyeliner. I love this liner, it doesn’t smudge has an easy to use felt tip and goes on without any qualms.
  2. Angled Eyeliner Brush I like using the Mac Up Forever Angled liner brush as it is easy to use to create a clean line, and reasonably priced
  3. Black Eye Shadow You can really use whatever you have at home, I have been using an urban decay eye shadow but really use what you have kicking around.

Steps to the Perfect Line! Continue reading

Jewels by Bauble Bar

I have been eyeing some jewelry on the BaubleBar website and decided to take the plunge and by myself some jewels. Now for those on this side of the border, Canada, keep in mind that our lovely dollar is doing poorly; add an extra 30% onto your total so you don’t get a surprise like I did! My own fault, but worth it! I love everything, the packaging was so nice it made you want to open everything delicately.


I ordered a few items which I absolutely adore! Continue reading

Fresh Face Friday – Taming the Turkey Neck

Turkey Neck

So in light of Thanksgiving, I thought this week we could talk about combating the Turkey Neck. I know I am such a jokester! But really, we all neglect our neck and decollete, it is part of our face too! We don’t want a flawless youthful face with a not so pretty neck. It only takes an extra minute to take care of your decollete so why not! Remember your skin runs head to toe!

Here are my favourite go to products and tips on taking care of that delicate skin of yours! Continue reading