Tree Trimming

I love Christmas and the best part is decorating the tree! My mum always had a traditional Christmas tree dawning elaborate decorations in a red and gold theme. I love a nice rustic mixed with a little glam tree with silver, white and gold decorations. I am still in the process of collecting decorations but here are some of my favourite places to shop!

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DIY Dining Chairs

So I inherited some dining chairs from my mum, old oak ones that are in really good shape just in need of an overhaul. My husband and I decided in re-finishing the chairs and re-upholstering them. We both have never done anything like this before, trusting pinterest and Krylon Spray paint we got to work. The re-upholstering was super easy just wrapping fabric and stapling. Although I do have some bruises for proof.

The spray painting, well we are still at it. I am confident this project will be done before Christmas so we having a lovely matching set, but I don’t want to get my hopes too high. The spray can said that we wouldn’t need to sand or anything so we didn’t! We, well my hubby, has sprayed 2 chairs so far, we did it in our garage but boy did we not realize that a piece of plastic under the chair was not enough, you literally need to cocoon yourself. There is white powder EVERYWHERE. So while we have been procrastinating in cleaning that up we decided to put one of the chairs back together. It looks fantastic! However, the paint has chipped. Arghhh!!!! We will have to do a touch up with the spray paint and a sealant to hold everything in.


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DIY Gold Mason Jars

As I have mentioned before I love Pinterest and recently found my new DIY project, gold painted mason jars. So glam and pretty. I thought it would be great for my vanity and also for my friends upcoming baby shower. I am thinking of using them to hold cutlery. Such an easy project and they look great!


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DIY Gallery Wall

I love the look of Gallery Walls. You can put together whatever you like, a few different frames, photos, prints and it looks great! We recently moved into a new home and with a few bare walls so I decided to give it a whirl. It started looking like a pretty expensive project as most prints are $30 a pop, so I decided to let the thrifty Natasha out. I have been hunting down some free printable’s for personal home use and there are tons! I had to share what I have found. I haven’t completed my project yet, I am currently hunting down some cute frames. But here are some amazing sources for free printable’s, and some of my favourite’s.


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Pinterest Fails

Ok, so we have all heard of the epic fails that occur from re-creating a beautiful item found on Pinterest. I am usually pretty crafty and re-create recipes, DIY’s and other little projects. Today was the end all of that. So as I have mentioned I am planning my BFF’s baby shower and I want it to be perfect! Without breaking the bank and buying everything ready made I thought I would make some things. So far everything has turned out amazing! Little gold onesies and pennant banners and tissue pom poms. But the disaster came when i tried to create this!

Tissue Garland

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Baby Shower Planning Tips

I am so excited to be hosting my best friends Baby Shower. I am so grateful she asked me and literally cannot wait for the day! I have been actively planning for the past month and have made Pinterest my best friend. For events, parties or showers I always urge everyone to use Pinterest. People post so many wonderful ideas along with DIY how-to’s and if you are crafty and have some time you can definitley do some creative fun things for your parties.

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Mirrored Furniture

I have been dying to get my hands on some mirrored furniture for our master bedroom. I love the glam look it adds to a bedroom. I have been on the hunt for a bargain but everywhere I turn there are price tags of $600 and up, for 2 tables that’s a lot to spend! I also feel that with a two year old everything in my home must be usable, functional and touchable. I really don’t want to buy something and spend hours telling my little guy not to touch or making sure he doesn’t break it.  Continue reading

Pillow Talk

My current decor obsession is pillows! I just bought a new sectional from lazy-boy and can’t get my hands on enough pillows to make it cozy and chic. I love pillows! They are so easy to move around to change the look of your home between seasons – and remember just buy covers! Way easier to store than buying full pillows. My favourite places to hunt for pillows are:  Continue reading