April Obsessions

April Obsessions

April has been a hectic month for me to say the least. My hubby left for work for 6 weeks to Asia and I have been juggling a 2 year old, work and getting in some much needed exercise. I applaud all the single parents out there! I am really fortunate to have a workplace that allows me to have flexibility to do pick up and drop off to daycare as well as family close by to help out whenever needed. The entire month I was caught up in keeping Kiyan busy and making sure I had lots of fun activities planned out for him that I wasn’t really taking care of myself and ended up having a cold mid month which wasn’t so fun either.

On a happy note, I had a few successes this month! I have a 2.5 year old who is potty trained! Success! It was hard and I had to enlist the help of my mum on days I was at work but the deed is done, I am so proud of my little man. He was also using a soother up until April and with the help of a great friend that has gone now too.


I did also find time to obsess over a few things! I was in desperate need of some casual shoes and after searching high and low I found these super comfy Keds for Kate Spade. These are my first pair of Keds and so far I really like them. They are slip-on’s which is handy and they are really comfy to wear all day long. There were a couple of others I was eyeing but of course no luck in my size! Continue reading

The Workout Edit

I hate working out, it is one of those necessary evils. I mean there are people who genuinely love it; but having to wake up extra early to get sweaty and then frantically get ready for work just isn’t fun, and honestly the last thing I want to do after work is then head to the gym. But somehow it gets done, whether at home or at the gym. The one thing that makes it a little more exciting is the gear! I mean if you are going to work up a sweat you need some great gear to wick everything away and keep you cool and dry. I also cannot work out unless I have some great shoes and great tunes! Here are a few my must haves for getting my butt to the gym!

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Holiday Gift Guide: For Him!

So I have been a little MIA lately, with the holidays in tow and just a generally busy schedule I have neglected my writing and haven’t been to the gym in 3 weeks! Gasp! Ugghh. Time to get into gear. I need to get shopping, baking and back into routine. Does anyone else fall off the map ever so often getting busy with just stuff!?

Anyway with Christmas quickly approaching I am thinking about gifts! I love holiday decorating, shopping and baking. I have been spreading Christmas glitter all over my house and now with only a couple of weeks left its time to finalize gifts. Does anyone else find that men can be a challenge! They are usually into some sort of gadget/ electronic so I latch onto that or hobby or sports item. I love trying to find something personal that is fun but at times it can be tough :(.

Well without giving away what I want to get for my hubby, here is my ultimate gift guide for him!

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New York Travel Must Have’s

I am so excited to be heading to New York in just 2 days! I will be there for one week. I have never been so I am excited to see the sights and of course do some shopping! New York street style is one to swoon over, they are ahead of the game in terms of style and fashion and with everything at their fingertips New Yorker’s have a great sense of style. So now I am thinking what to wear! With a few great statement pieces and accessories here are my must have’s for a week in New York!

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Jewels by Bauble Bar

I have been eyeing some jewelry on the BaubleBar website and decided to take the plunge and by myself some jewels. Now for those on this side of the border, Canada, keep in mind that our lovely dollar is doing poorly; add an extra 30% onto your total so you don’t get a surprise like I did! My own fault, but worth it! I love everything, the packaging was so nice it made you want to open everything delicately.


I ordered a few items which I absolutely adore! Continue reading

Rainy Day Essentials

Living on the west coast of BC we experience our fair share of rain and are no stranger to fashionable rain wear. Most of us vancouverites love to hate the rain, I mean who would like a month straight of rain, its grey, dreary, wet and cold. One year we had something like 45 days straight of rain…gross. I hate getting all wet and icky so I definately value some decent rain wear. I mean if we have to go out in the down pour you may as well look good! From wellies to trench coats here are my fab finds for a classic Vancouver rainy day.

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Fall Must Haves

I love fall, after a hot summer it is a nice way to ease into the rainy and cold Vancouver Winter. I also love whipping out my fall clothes! I love cozy sweaters paired with a fun scarf. I tend to gravitate to more cozy wear in the winter, I love layers and being bundled up. Especially when it gets dark and dreary. I am all about warm and cozy!

Here are my fall must haves! I usually live in leggings, so easy for work and you can dress them up or down.

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Mini Fashionista’s

So I absolutely love dressing up my little guy, Kiyan. Shopping for minature clothes is just too cute to handle! I also just love fashion so with all that combined I literally cannot stop, when it comes to kids clothes. I always shop with a budget in mind and only splurge on items that have hand-me-down potential. I get a lot of people asking me where I find all of Kiyans outfits so I thought I would share my finds!

One of the places I love to shop from is a store in the UK called Next. They have a Canadian version of their website which has very reasonable pricing and offers free DHL shipping for orders over $40. Now some of their items can be a bit steep but when comparing to brands like Joe Fresh where one t-shirt is $10, theirs are $11 – $13 and so unique, the quality of material is also super soft. Kiyan has eczema so finding cotton or softer fabrics is a must so his skin doesn’t get irritable.

When it comes to shoes, I hunt down bargains and often buy a size larger in order to reap a deal. I love going cross border shopping to the Seattle Premium Outlets, you can find kids Nike’s for $15 – $20 vs $35 – $45 Canadian. Of course now with the dollar being down you really have to weigh out the difference. When it comes to PJ’s I mostly buy from the Gap, only when they have a sale. You can get packed sets of shorts and tees or winter, long sleeves with pants for $12!

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