The Workout Edit

I hate working out, it is one of those necessary evils. I mean there are people who genuinely love it; but having to wake up extra early to get sweaty and then frantically get ready for work just isn’t fun, and honestly the last thing I want to do after work is then head to the gym. But somehow it gets done, whether at home or at the gym. The one thing that makes it a little more exciting is the gear! I mean if you are going to work up a sweat you need some great gear to wick everything away and keep you cool and dry. I also cannot work out unless I have some great shoes and great tunes! Here are a few my must haves for getting my butt to the gym!

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Leg Day!

We have all heard jokes butted around the dreadful aftermath of what is leg day. I have now come to agree lol. After following my 12 week program I have come to love to hate leg day. I enjoy working out my legs as I long for lean slender legs, so I really put 110% effort, and today I feel the aftermath. Mostly in my calves as I discovered the calf raise machine. Call me silly but I never tried using it. It is a great machine to target your muscles and the added weight gives you the extra nudge. I have been trying to stand at work and walk around so I don’t tense up too much today!

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Recipe: Comforting Turkey Chili

So as you all know I am doing the Live Fit program by Jamie Eason. I ended up starting the program on August 10th and the past four days have been ok so far. I have found sticking to the diet a little hard. The diet requires you to eat quite regularly, this week I just haven’t been able to take the time out to meal prep. This will be the key to success! This weekend will be filled with meal prepping. I did however try one of the suggested meals from Jamie Eason. The Turkey Chili. I really love it! It is so easy to make and is a hit with the family. For the kids and hubby you can throw so Garlic Bread on the salad or a simple salad.

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90 Day Challenge

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So I have decided to embark on a 90 day challenge. Seeing as I have some pounds to shed I thought a 90 day challenge would be a great way to keep myself motivated and its only 90 days! I am going to start on August 1st after I get back from Houston. I found a really great program, Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer. It was super easy to print and plan out. The challenge is also divided into 3 phases, each progressing on your workouts while following a clean eating plan. The program promotes muscle growth, increasing metabolism which will in turn create a fat burning furnace. Well I hope it does. It seems like people have had great results and gotten very toned with the program. I am so excited to get started and can’t wait to share my ups and downs of the program with you!

If anyone would like to join me feel free! It will be a great 12 weeks 🙂

Wish me luck!