Baby Life: Managing Eczema

I feel like I am somewhat of a “mom expert” when it comes to eczema, or I like to believe that anyway. Another naive young me thinking that having a baby was all about baby eating, pooping, sleeping and repeat! But there are so many in betweens! My husband was a little more of a pro when it came to our first as he did pretty much everything for his brother when he was a baby (they are 13 years apart!). Needless to say I relied heavily on hubby. With my first I was unable to breastfeed I was literally producing water, I tried mixed feeding but after about 6 weeks I was done physically and emotionally, my child was now exclusively on formula. The decision to just quit was a tough one and I can tell you that I honestly felt as a failure as a mother to my baby and I was really scared to tell people in my life feeling that they would judge me. I had family telling me how important breast feeding is, my doctor, friends etc, so not being able to was really hard. But at the end of the day my sanity and not being exhausted from just pumping being stressed about my milk production was more important to me.

So the decision was made and the little guy was on formula but then it started Continue reading

The First C-Section: The surgery that literally scarred me for life

I don’t even really know where to start with this post to be honest. I feel like starting with my second surgery doesn’t give enough background so I am going to start from the beginning, the c-section in 2013 with my first son. Throw on a pot of tea, this is going to be a long one!

Ok, so lets go back to 2013…uh actually 2012, that is when I found out I was pregnant! I was literally over the moon! I was pretty young when I got pregnant, well I have been told. I was 26, had my little man at 27. I felt it was the perfect age as I loved having young parents myself, my mum had me when she was 24. Looking back I feel like we could have waited a couple of more years as I was still a little immature but I never regret our decision. I think I was a little naive to the whole pregnancy process and what to expect.

Fast forward a few months and I was beginning to show, and I was so excited, literally couldn’t wait to meet Kiyan! It was the easiest pregnancy, I had the typical exhaustion in the first 3 months, not being able to keep my eyes open but other than that it was a great pregnancy. At about 8 months I went on my maternity leave, and that is when it hit me….this baby has to come out! Uhhhhhhh…I felt like I didn’t have it in me to withstand birth. My mum is a total tomboy and warrior so she kept telling me not to have the epidural as it can be dangerous, one wrong move and your paralyzed, she had me and my brother no problem all natural. FML! So much to think about so little time. I was already thinking I wanted to go the c-section, in MY mind that was the easy route, no labour pain, no pain coming out and just recovery post op, everyone I had spoken to said recovery was a breeze.

Ok, before I go on, and all the mums start saying how a c-section isn’t the easy way….lets remember that everyone has an opinion. I also understand and know of mums who have had extremely difficult pregnancies and c-sections and they did not take the easy route, I am solely talking about me personally and the people I know who I have spoken to who had an easy time with their surgery.

So, I ask my doctor..Hi I want a c-section pleaseeee… Her response…. Continue reading

A Fresh Start On The Blog

*My newborn photos have been taken with Mamique Photography. Ewa does amazing work! This is my most recent shoot with our newest edition, Kassius*

I cannot believe it is mid November! I mean where has 2017 gone? I didn’t pay any attention to my blog, I had every intent of writing but it didn’t really happen. When I look back now I realize it is because I was just bored, I was procrastinating a lot of the time.

This past year I was working a lot and fell pregnant as well, we recently welcomed another little boy! His name is Kassius (pronounced KASH-US). He is a good little baby and our older son, Kiyan loves him to bits. They are so great together, I love the newborn phase so getting all the baby snuggles is my favourite thing in the world!

After having the little one and slowing down a bit after being on mat leave, I started to do some reflection on what I would like to do with this little hobby that I feel like no one sees or reads lol. After a lot of thought I have decided to Continue reading

Toddler Travels: Oregon Road Trip

I love sunny summer days filled with road trips, fun music and a lot of laughter! Being a mum of a toddler I wasn’t sure how my little on would fair on a long journey so we have been holding off on any road trips since the little guy was born. This year we thought we would do something small and see how he does. We decided to head down the coast into Washington and Oregon, our first stop was Great Wolfe Lodge – our little man absolutely loved it! If you have children who adore swimming this is a haven for them, with lots of slides for every age, activities and a big play structure it is fun for all ages. It is definitely catered to the kids so don’t expect any fancy meal options, but there is a Starbucks on site should you need your coffee fix.

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Lashes for Days

The celeb trend that is rubbing off on just about everyone is the obsession over long thick luxurious lashes. Whether your fortunate to be blessed with lashes for days, have been faking it til’ you make it or are just trying every thing out there I think I have found the holy grail! Or at least I like to think I have.

As an avid curl-a-holic, my lashes have thinned out over the years. I have been avidly curling them since I was probably 14 or 15, needless to say it caused them to be sparse and thin. Unfortunately, unlike my husband and tot I don’t have curly lashes mine go straight down. I used to use falsies for special occasions and nights out but all I wanted was my youthful lashes back and more. Then came along latisse! I bumped into the product a little while ago but I was a little skeptic, fast forward 2 years and my optometrist was carrying it! I was actually there for Kiyan’s eye appointment but couldn’t resist asking the doc how she felt about Latisse. She told me it was a great product and all I would need to do is book an appointment with her to ensure I could use it and I would be on my way. So, yessss, I did! 2 months later I friggin love it! My lashes are definitely longer. At the 2 month mark I went to visit my optometrist for a lash growth measurement. I started at 3.5mm and I am up to 5mm – amazing!  I try not to wear mascara daily so I am not continually curling my lashes. I guess you live and learn. Check out my before and after:


Pretty cool right! Here are some of my prs and cons on the product: Continue reading

Sugarfina – Candy for days!

sugarA few sweets to celebrate! I am officially 30 everyone! After having a well deserved week off work I feel great! My hubby and I had the week off together and decided to have a staycation exploring the city and doing things we didn’t ordinarily do. We started off our week with some cross-border shopping. I scooped up these amazing Kate Spade sunnies for a cool $45 US, what a steal!

gaylaMy favourite day though was an afternoon to ourselves. First we went to high tea at The Urban Team Merchant in Vancouver, followed by some candy shopping at Sugarfina! Continue reading

April Obsessions

April Obsessions

April has been a hectic month for me to say the least. My hubby left for work for 6 weeks to Asia and I have been juggling a 2 year old, work and getting in some much needed exercise. I applaud all the single parents out there! I am really fortunate to have a workplace that allows me to have flexibility to do pick up and drop off to daycare as well as family close by to help out whenever needed. The entire month I was caught up in keeping Kiyan busy and making sure I had lots of fun activities planned out for him that I wasn’t really taking care of myself and ended up having a cold mid month which wasn’t so fun either.

On a happy note, I had a few successes this month! I have a 2.5 year old who is potty trained! Success! It was hard and I had to enlist the help of my mum on days I was at work but the deed is done, I am so proud of my little man. He was also using a soother up until April and with the help of a great friend that has gone now too.


I did also find time to obsess over a few things! I was in desperate need of some casual shoes and after searching high and low I found these super comfy Keds for Kate Spade. These are my first pair of Keds and so far I really like them. They are slip-on’s which is handy and they are really comfy to wear all day long. There were a couple of others I was eyeing but of course no luck in my size! Continue reading