Tree Trimming

I love Christmas and the best part is decorating the tree! My mum always had a traditional Christmas tree dawning elaborate decorations in a red and gold theme. I love a nice rustic mixed with a little glam tree with silver, white and gold decorations. I am still in the process of collecting decorations but here are some of my favourite places to shop!

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Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers!

I find stocking stuffers can be a challenge. I end up leaving it to be the last thing after I have blown my budget on awesome gifts. Stockings are the first thing we open at our house and growing up they were always as amazing as our gifts, and often filled with chocolates and gift cards, my mum is a Starbucks fanatic so we always get our token Starbucks gift card in there. Here are some of my go to’s for stocking stuffers for the entire family! Chocolate is always a good one!

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Pinterest Fails

Ok, so we have all heard of the epic fails that occur from re-creating a beautiful item found on Pinterest. I am usually pretty crafty and re-create recipes, DIY’s and other little projects. Today was the end all of that. So as I have mentioned I am planning my BFF’s baby shower and I want it to be perfect! Without breaking the bank and buying everything ready made I thought I would make some things. So far everything has turned out amazing! Little gold onesies and pennant banners and tissue pom poms. But the disaster came when i tried to create this!

Tissue Garland

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Terrible Two’s – Understanding a toddler


So everyone talks about this Terrible two thing, your lovely baby will go through this age of having a tantrum, nothing will work in calming them, they won’t listen to you and you will wonder what you did wrong, what’s wrong with your little one, and why you had a baby! Well I don’t have all the answers, just some mummy experience. My mum always laughs and says I have met my match, Kiyan is a stubborn little man, and apparently I was quite the stubborn one too! But I have learnt a few ways to keep him cool, calm and collected.

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Baby Shower Planning Tips

I am so excited to be hosting my best friends Baby Shower. I am so grateful she asked me and literally cannot wait for the day! I have been actively planning for the past month and have made Pinterest my best friend. For events, parties or showers I always urge everyone to use Pinterest. People post so many wonderful ideas along with DIY how-to’s and if you are crafty and have some time you can definitley do some creative fun things for your parties.

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Sunburn Art…Really!?

I feel the need to discuss Sunburn Art. I feel like it shouldn’t even be a topic of discussion, as we should all know that this is a big no-no! I have touched on the subject of wearing SPF daily. I am an avid user, everything must contain a sun protection. I am this way with my family, friends, everyone. Why expose your skin to the harmful rays of the sun? Everyone thinks they are invincible but Skin Cancer is REAL 100%. You only get one body to live in, it is so important to Continue reading

Mini Fashionista’s

So I absolutely love dressing up my little guy, Kiyan. Shopping for minature clothes is just too cute to handle! I also just love fashion so with all that combined I literally cannot stop, when it comes to kids clothes. I always shop with a budget in mind and only splurge on items that have hand-me-down potential. I get a lot of people asking me where I find all of Kiyans outfits so I thought I would share my finds!

One of the places I love to shop from is a store in the UK called Next. They have a Canadian version of their website which has very reasonable pricing and offers free DHL shipping for orders over $40. Now some of their items can be a bit steep but when comparing to brands like Joe Fresh where one t-shirt is $10, theirs are $11 – $13 and so unique, the quality of material is also super soft. Kiyan has eczema so finding cotton or softer fabrics is a must so his skin doesn’t get irritable.

When it comes to shoes, I hunt down bargains and often buy a size larger in order to reap a deal. I love going cross border shopping to the Seattle Premium Outlets, you can find kids Nike’s for $15 – $20 vs $35 – $45 Canadian. Of course now with the dollar being down you really have to weigh out the difference. When it comes to PJ’s I mostly buy from the Gap, only when they have a sale. You can get packed sets of shorts and tees or winter, long sleeves with pants for $12!

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