Homemade Almond Milk Recipe

Okay, this is literally the easiest recipe ever! I love almond milk and thought of making my own and it was so easy that I now make my own if I know I am going to use it for a recipe or quickly. As there are no preservatives it spoils within a few days so I like to use for Chia Pudding or other cooking/baking.

Here is the recipe! I also made a video so you can see it in real live action!

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Oh how I have missed you!

I feel like I haven’t written in forever! It has been well over a month and I guess life got the best of me! After the holidays I started school, gasp! I am determined to finish my degree in one way or another; so back I go! In case you are wondering my degree is in Forensic Science, I don’t know if I have mentioned before but I have an obsession, on another level, with Forensic Investigation. I have probably seen every 48 hours show, or any Investigation Discovery Channel programming. Next to my obsession with beauty comes this. I was studying marketing and although I love it, I feel like we live in an era where marketing yourself through social media especially is just second nature for everyone. Since I was majoring in online communications, it just seemed silly to continue on in that realm. This is just my opinion based on the work prospects in my city and what I wanted to do. So I thought I would delve into something different. I also get bored very easily and wanted to do something totally new. So far I love it! It is very demanding, I have a paper due this Sunday which I am almost finished, yay!

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Finding your passion

So I started this blog to share my love for all things beauty. I used to be an esthetician and have since left that world and now work in retail sales; I am also in school finishing my degree in Forensic Science. As you can see I get bored quickly and keep moving from one thing to another. In my professional career I worked in the beauty industry for the longest period of time, 7 years. Although my husband will probably kill me as I say this since I keep flip flopping with what I want to do, the further away I go from the beauty industry the more I miss it and wish I could go back. I love it and have the urge to go back, now it isn’t the most sustainable career as it does have its ups and downs and getting a clientele to keep you booked year round takes time. I also don’t think I could go back to working in a traditional day spa. I am craving to open my own little beauty lounge. It sounds great in my head and all things will go smoothly, but it can be very scary to leave a full time salaried job and not to mention trying to source the funds to open a business. Glasses on and pencil in my mouth pondering what opportunities I can grasp. So many decisions to make in life and I only wish I could do everything sometimes! Does anyone else find themselves still trying to figure out what they truly want to do?

Thoughts for the day.


Tree Trimming

I love Christmas and the best part is decorating the tree! My mum always had a traditional Christmas tree dawning elaborate decorations in a red and gold theme. I love a nice rustic mixed with a little glam tree with silver, white and gold decorations. I am still in the process of collecting decorations but here are some of my favourite places to shop!

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Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers!

I find stocking stuffers can be a challenge. I end up leaving it to be the last thing after I have blown my budget on awesome gifts. Stockings are the first thing we open at our house and growing up they were always as amazing as our gifts, and often filled with chocolates and gift cards, my mum is a Starbucks fanatic so we always get our token Starbucks gift card in there. Here are some of my go to’s for stocking stuffers for the entire family! Chocolate is always a good one!

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150 Refugees Arrive today in Canada

I am going to go off the beaten track a little bit today. I just saw in the Toronto Star that 150 Refugees will be arriving in Canada today. As I read the post and many others on social media this morning there were so many comments filled with hatred. I understand people are scared, with the recent attacks in Paris and California there is a fear among us. But imagine for one Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him!

So I have been a little MIA lately, with the holidays in tow and just a generally busy schedule I have neglected my writing and haven’t been to the gym in 3 weeks! Gasp! Ugghh. Time to get into gear. I need to get shopping, baking and back into routine. Does anyone else fall off the map ever so often getting busy with just stuff!?

Anyway with Christmas quickly approaching I am thinking about gifts! I love holiday decorating, shopping and baking. I have been spreading Christmas glitter all over my house and now with only a couple of weeks left its time to finalize gifts. Does anyone else find that men can be a challenge! They are usually into some sort of gadget/ electronic so I latch onto that or hobby or sports item. I love trying to find something personal that is fun but at times it can be tough :(.

Well without giving away what I want to get for my hubby, here is my ultimate gift guide for him!

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New York Travel Must Have’s

I am so excited to be heading to New York in just 2 days! I will be there for one week. I have never been so I am excited to see the sights and of course do some shopping! New York street style is one to swoon over, they are ahead of the game in terms of style and fashion and with everything at their fingertips New Yorker’s have a great sense of style. So now I am thinking what to wear! With a few great statement pieces and accessories here are my must have’s for a week in New York!

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