Toddler Travels: Oregon Road Trip

I love sunny summer days filled with road trips, fun music and a lot of laughter! Being a mum of a toddler I wasn’t sure how my little on would fair on a long journey so we have been holding off on any road trips since the little guy was born. This year we thought we would do something small and see how he does. We decided to head down the coast into Washington and Oregon, our first stop was Great Wolfe Lodge – our little man absolutely loved it! If you have children who adore swimming this is a haven for them, with lots of slides for every age, activities and a big play structure it is fun for all ages. It is definitely catered to the kids so don’t expect any fancy meal options, but there is a Starbucks on site should you need your coffee fix.

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New York Travel Must Have’s

I am so excited to be heading to New York in just 2 days! I will be there for one week. I have never been so I am excited to see the sights and of course do some shopping! New York street style is one to swoon over, they are ahead of the game in terms of style and fashion and with everything at their fingertips New Yorker’s have a great sense of style. So now I am thinking what to wear! With a few great statement pieces and accessories here are my must have’s for a week in New York!

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Rain Rain!

I am here in Texas! As I stepped out of the airport I got slapped with a wave of heat! Needless to say it’s super hot here. Luckily there is AC everywhere. The best part though was the rain! All of a sudden rain wind thunder! It was so much fun to watch we definitely don’t get crazy rain storms back home. So far so good ­čÖé

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