Fall Must Haves

I love fall, after a hot summer it is a nice way to ease into the rainy and cold Vancouver Winter. I also love whipping out my fall clothes! I love cozy sweaters paired with a fun scarf. I tend to gravitate to more cozy wear in the winter, I love layers and being bundled up. Especially when it gets dark and dreary. I am all about warm and cozy!

Here are my fall must haves! I usually live in leggings, so easy for work and you can dress them up or down.

  1. Riding Boots, these are a must, no wet pants or shoes. They are great for work and keep your legs warm. Best part is they match everything! Vince Camuto ‘Phillie’ are on my list!
  2. Hue Leggings, I like these leggings as they come in so many varieties, They have tights as well and they also carry fleecy lined legging which are so perfect for cold winter days.
  3. Cozy Sweater, the sweater pictured above is my fave, its lightweight and great for layering. Its so cozy. I find H&M always has a great variety for every budget.
  4. Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf. I have loved lululemon since I was a teen, they have the best workout gear, and when they came out with this scarf I had to have it. It is so versatile, easy to wear, wash and every year they come out with different patterns and fabrics. A must!
  5. Accessories, I love to throw on a watch, my favourite right now is this new watch out by Michael Kors.

What are your fall favourites?

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  1. rylie630 2 years ago

    Love this! These are all my favorites for fall too 🙂

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