Fresh Face Friday – Dermaplaning

What is Dermaplaning?

Smooth, blemish free skin is a dream for all and with endless treatments on the market we are bound try anything! Dermaplaning is a great non invasive treatment for exfoliating dull, lack luster skin and velous hair (those baby fines on your cheeks aka peach fuzz). Now I know you are going to do a quick google and gasp when you see deathly razors perched up against faces, or alternatively run to the store to grab a pack of blades, but just slow down; let me explain! Dermaplaning uses a sterile medical scalpel to exfoliate your skin by sloughing off the dead skin from the epidermis. As it is using a scalpel it also removes those baby fine hairs, peach fuzz. This procedure is done under the care of a specially trained medical esthetician, please don’t go running out to buy a scalpel and try this at home, eek, that could be dangerous.

The results from this treatment are instant, smooth dewy glowing skin. It is a versatile treatment as it is suitable for almost all skin types. Those with severe Acneic skin should avoid this treatment. For those looking for a gentler alternative to microdermabrasion this is for you!


Now I know the burning question, won’t the hair on my face grow back darker and with a vengeance…ummm Nope! Don’t worry my mum was in such a panic when I told her about the treatment, thinking I had made a grave mistake and I was now going to grow a beard. Ughh can you imagine! Velous hair, peach fuzz, will grow back exactly as it did before, it definitely does NOT grow back thicker or darker by any means. Don’t worry I am a tested subject!

The great thing about this treatment – you can get it done every two weeks! It is a quick 30 – 45 minute treatment with no downtime, so a perfect lunch break pick me up! Now it’s your turn to try it!

How did you like it?


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