Fresh Face Friday – Juvena Skin Energy Moisture Cream

I have had one of the busiest work weeks in a long time and having a long weekend at the end is definitely something to look forward to! My hubby is away in Asia for the next month for work and as much as I would love to stroll the bustling streets of Singapore with him, this weekend calls for pj’s and some serious potty training. My tot is almost there but needs one more weekend learning the ropes in undies. After he is in bed I will be doing what I love most, at home mini facial and a pedi of course. I recently raved about my new Zo Skin Exfoliating Polish, I will be scrubbing away with that, masking and following it with my favourite moisturizer, Juvena Skin Energy Moisture Cream. I took a little break from using this moisturizer and recently ordered a new one.

I just got my little parcel this past Friday at work and was so excited to use it. I love this product because it penetrates right into the skin, it doesn’t leave a sticky film that most dry skin creams leaves behind. I hate that residue! This cream is luxurious, replenishing the skin’s water and repairing dry skin with macadamia and shea oil. One thing that is important to me when it comes to creams moisturizing the skin is hylauronic acid. It is a fabulous ingredient that you can real reap the benefits from in terms of plumping and leaving your skin feeling softer. I used to use Comfort Zone which is another great line and they have a lot of products with hylauronic acid as well.

Well all in all twas a good weekend, although the potty training is still a work in progress, on to day 2!

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