Homemade Almond Milk Recipe

Okay, this is literally the easiest recipe ever! I love almond milk and thought of making my own and it was so easy that I now make my own if I know I am going to use it for a recipe or quickly. As there are no preservatives it spoils within a few days so I like to use for Chia Pudding or other cooking/baking.

Here is the recipe! I also made a video so you can see it in real live action!

2 cups Almonds
4 cups Filtered Water
3 Pitted Dates or Honey
1 Tbsp Fresh Lemon Juice

Soak almonds overnight in water; I just about cover them in water. In the morning drain and rinse. Add the almonds to a blender with filtered water and lemon juice. Blend well. Using a cheesecloth pour the mixture through the cloth into a large bowl, squeeze all the milk through. You will be left with almond meal in the cheesecloth. Add back to blender and throw in dates blend until smooth. In the video I used honey as we were all out of dates!


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