How to Create the Perfect Pouty Red Lip

The Perfect Red Lip

I love a great red lipstick, finding your perfect shade can be a challenge but once you get it your hooked! I am currently obsessing over the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella – Scarlet. I actually stumbled on it when I got it as a sample with my Sephora purchase about a year ago and have worn it ever since. When hunting for your perfect shade expect to spend a couple hours in your favourite make-up store trying and swiping. After the end of your test day your lips will be stained silly and overly wiped but you will be walking out with your new trademark red!

Now when it comes time to try to get that perfect pout here are a few tips from someone who went through school making a mess, but after all that trial and error here are a few of my secrets to get that perfect pout.

  1. Hydrate! I cannot stress enough how important hydrating not only skin but your lips as well! A generous dose of a good lip balm will do it. Cracked dry lips won’t hold colour and won’t look too pretty under that lipstick either
  2. Line, line and line some more. The best way to stop colour bleeding and to ensure a smooth lipstick application is to line your lips, with a sharp lip pencil of course! Use a lip pencil to match the colour of your lipstick.
  3. Here comes the lipstick! I find using a lip brush will give you more control when you are starting out. Once you feel confident you can apply straight from your lipstick. The one thing I love about the Nars Lip Pencils is the ease of application with the pencil point.
  4. Glossy or Matte? If you want to add some shine throw over a  clear gloss with a lip brush or leave as is for a sultry matte finish.
  5. Concealer! To perfect that lip use a little bit of concealer around your lips as an additional fail safe to prevent colour bleeding.
  6. Time to stare at that GORG pout!

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