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So I absolutely love dressing up my little guy, Kiyan. Shopping for minature clothes is just too cute to handle! I also just love fashion so with all that combined I literally cannot stop, when it comes to kids clothes. I always shop with a budget in mind and only splurge on items that have hand-me-down potential. I get a lot of people asking me where I find all of Kiyans outfits so I thought I would share my finds!

One of the places I love to shop from is a store in the UK called Next. They have a Canadian version of their website which has very reasonable pricing and offers free DHL shipping for orders over $40. Now some of their items can be a bit steep but when comparing to brands like Joe Fresh where one t-shirt is $10, theirs are $11 – $13 and so unique, the quality of material is also super soft. Kiyan has eczema so finding cotton or softer fabrics is a must so his skin doesn’t get irritable.

When it comes to shoes, I hunt down bargains and often buy a size larger in order to reap a deal. I love going cross border shopping to the Seattle Premium Outlets, you can find kids Nike’s for $15 – $20 vs $35 – $45 Canadian. Of course now with the dollar being down you really have to weigh out the difference. When it comes to PJ’s I mostly buy from the Gap, only when they have a sale. You can get packed sets of shorts and tees or winter, long sleeves with pants for $12!

Kids Fashion

  1. Next: (Full Outfit) $145
  2. H&M: $24.99
  3. H&M: $9.99
  4. Hunter: $60
  5. Next: $65 (Shirt, Hat, Sweats)
  6. Joe Fresh: $24
  7. Toms: $50

Here are a few of my go to stores for Kid’s shopping:

What are your Kids Fashion go-to’s?

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