Mirrored Furniture

I have been dying to get my hands on some mirrored furniture for our master bedroom. I love the glam look it adds to a bedroom. I have been on the hunt for a bargain but everywhere I turn there are price tags of $600 and up, for 2 tables that’s a lot to spend! I also feel that with a two year old everything in my home must be usable, functional and touchable. I really don’t want to buy something and spend hours telling my little guy not to touch or making sure he doesn’t break it. 

Mirrored Bedside tablesBasically it has been a year and my hunt is over! I love Urban Barn and recently stumbled upon their outlet store. They had great little finds, pillows, rugs etc. Recently I went to browse around and found mirrored bedside tables for $200 each. I took a few photos sent them to my husband and dragged him in that evening. I went home with mirrored bedside tables in tow. When I went back that evening there were only 4 left from 10! Looks like lots of people thought they were a great deal.

Happy Shopping!

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