Sugarfina – Candy for days!

sugarA few sweets to celebrate! I am officially 30 everyone! After having a well deserved week off work I feel great! My hubby and I had the week off together and decided to have a staycation exploring the city and doing things we didn’t ordinarily do. We started off our week with some cross-border shopping. I scooped up these amazing Kate Spade sunnies for a cool $45 US, what a steal!

gaylaMy favourite day though was an afternoon to ourselves. First we went to high tea at The Urban Team Merchant in Vancouver, followed by some candy shopping at Sugarfina! Continue reading

The Ultimate Hair Product Guide

Ok, first off I am not a hair stylist, I studied skin but not hair. However, being in the beauty industry and having a bestie who is a hair stylist I feel, has allowed me to kind of know what I am talking about haha.

So it all started last year when I was working at professional distributor for hair products and holy crap did I learn a lot about hair! I also experimented with mine, I am not really very adventerous but I dyed my natural dark brown/black locks a dark red. I got bored of that quick then cocktail shampooed the colour out, went back to dark brown, then added a balayage, and then more recently an all over level 3 before babylights. So my hair was totally A-ok well kind of! I am not going to lie the cocktail shampoo dried my locks out a bit, as that involved a de-colourizer, mixed with bleach and shampoo. Yes, I know, but that was the only way to strip the red out of my hair. The one thing I learned through all this was the importance on using good quality hair products. No drugstore short cuts for me.  I fell in love with a line called L’Anza they literally have some of the best ultra-hydrating shampoo and conditioners out there. Why do I love it? It doesn’t weigh my hair down. I tried Moroccan Oil, now the oil I love but the shampoo and conditioners are very heavy and leave your hair lifeless. Having tried a huge amount of product I have come to realize that  you really need to find the right product for your hair. Remember it isn’t a one size fits all, same with skin care. So here are some of my go to’s and friend favourites for different hair days.


Bumble & Bumble Pret a Powder   I   Living Proof Full Thickening Cream   I
Verb Volume Spray    I   Living Proof Instant Texture Volumizer   I
Show Beauty Lux Volume Lotion



Blowpro Textstyle Dry Texture Spray   I   Big Sexy Hair Powder Play   I   Drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1
I   Verb Sea Spray   I   Bumble and bumble Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry

Curls: Continue reading

April Obsessions

April Obsessions

April has been a hectic month for me to say the least. My hubby left for work for 6 weeks to Asia and I have been juggling a 2 year old, work and getting in some much needed exercise. I applaud all the single parents out there! I am really fortunate to have a workplace that allows me to have flexibility to do pick up and drop off to daycare as well as family close by to help out whenever needed. The entire month I was caught up in keeping Kiyan busy and making sure I had lots of fun activities planned out for him that I wasn’t really taking care of myself and ended up having a cold mid month which wasn’t so fun either.

On a happy note, I had a few successes this month! I have a 2.5 year old who is potty trained! Success! It was hard and I had to enlist the help of my mum on days I was at work but the deed is done, I am so proud of my little man. He was also using a soother up until April and with the help of a great friend that has gone now too.


I did also find time to obsess over a few things! I was in desperate need of some casual shoes and after searching high and low I found these super comfy Keds for Kate Spade. These are my first pair of Keds and so far I really like them. They are slip-on’s which is handy and they are really comfy to wear all day long. There were a couple of others I was eyeing but of course no luck in my size! Continue reading

How to Create the Perfect Pouty Red Lip

Red Lip Perfection

I love a great red lipstick, finding your perfect shade can be a challenge but once you get it your hooked! I am currently obsessing over the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella – Scarlet. I actually stumbled on it when I got it as a sample with my Sephora purchase about a year ago and have worn it ever since. When hunting for your perfect shade expect to spend a couple hours in your favourite make-up store trying and swiping. After the end of your test day your lips will be stained silly and overly wiped but you will be walking out with your new trademark red!

Now when it comes time to try to get that perfect pout here are a few tips from someone who went through school making a mess, but after all that trial and error here are a few of my secrets to get that perfect pout. Continue reading

The Workout Edit

I hate working out, it is one of those necessary evils. I mean there are people who genuinely love it; but having to wake up extra early to get sweaty and then frantically get ready for work just isn’t fun, and honestly the last thing I want to do after work is then head to the gym. But somehow it gets done, whether at home or at the gym. The one thing that makes it a little more exciting is the gear! I mean if you are going to work up a sweat you need some great gear to wick everything away and keep you cool and dry. I also cannot work out unless I have some great shoes and great tunes! Here are a few my must haves for getting my butt to the gym!

Gym Continue reading

Fresh Face Friday – Juvena Skin Energy Moisture Cream


I have had one of the busiest work weeks in a long time and having a long weekend at the end is definitely something to look forward to! My hubby is away in Asia for the next month for work and as much as I would love to stroll the bustling streets of Singapore with him, this weekend calls for pj’s and some serious potty training. My tot is almost there but needs one more weekend learning the ropes in undies. After he is in bed I will be doing what I love most, at home mini facial and a pedi of course. I recently raved about my new Continue reading

Current Makeup Obsessions

A girl never quite feels her best until she has doused herself in pink powder, black liner and something glossy. During the week I seldom wear makeup as I go to the gym in the morning and head to work, my work environment involves trampolines so wearing a full face of makeup just doesn’t quite fit. I find I am lucky in that way as my skin gets a breather and I save a good 15 minutes getting ready. I am makeup obsessed so when I do get a chance to doll up I love to go out. February involved lots of outings, from V-day to some parties and get togethers, so I thought it would be a good excuse to head over to Sephora and pick up a few “necessities.” Continue reading