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Pinterest Fails

Ok, so we have all heard of the epic fails that occur from re-creating a beautiful item found on Pinterest. I am usually pretty crafty and re-create recipes, DIY’s and other little projects. Today was the end all of that. So as I have mentioned I am planning my BFF’s baby shower and I want it to be perfect! Without breaking the bank and buying everything ready made I thought I would make some things. So far everything has turned out amazing! Little gold onesies and pennant banners and tissue pom poms. But the disaster came when i tried to create this!

A beautiful tissue garland. Ok, lets get this straight, tissue does not cut well nor does it fall delicately like the picture. I am not going to post a photo of my fail. Well, to be honest I couldn’t even get past the twisting. My little “feathery” bits were falling and tearing off. Ahhhhh…..add on some frustration and it was a mess, tissue in your hair glue on your hands kind of mess.

I found the tutorial off an amazing website Linen, Lace and Love. These sisters are DIY pro’s and very crafty. Their garland turned out amazingly beautiful. Mine not so much.

Does anyone else have any Pinterest Fail stories….Or am I all alone lol.

  1. Smitha Easter 2 years ago

    Too funny! Sorry about your fail… But you might comfort in knowing you’re not alone! I had a fail… On my wedding day! We did an alternative to a guest book where people put their finger prints on a paper and it was supposed to form a tree. Well the “leaves” we’re everywhere, it looked awful! I just look at it now and laugh… It’s in the back of my closet!

    • Natasha 2 years ago

      On your wedding day! I shouldn’t be complaining 🙂

      • Smitha Easter 2 years ago

        Haha! Thank goodness the magic of our day surpassed all Pinterest fails, so i wasn’t worried about it haha! But it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who didn’t quite hit the mark ?

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