Rainy Day Essentials

Living on the west coast of BC we experience our fair share of rain and are no stranger to fashionable rain wear. Most of us vancouverites love to hate the rain, I mean who would like a month straight of rain, its grey, dreary, wet and cold. One year we had something like 45 days straight of rain…gross. I hate getting all wet and icky so I definately value some decent rain wear. I mean if we have to go out in the down pour you may as well look good! From wellies to trench coats here are my fab finds for a classic Vancouver rainy day.

rain wear

  1. Lululemon Rain Coat – I have one from a few years ago and love it. Not only is it warm and fleecy inside but it always keeps me dry
  2. Hunter Wellies – I buy these for my little guy too. So easy to clean and throw in to run around in  puddles
  3. Kate Spade Umbrella – You always need a fun umbrella – and this one is one of my faves!
  4. Felt Hat– Keep your hair tame under a fashionable hat!

Hope you love them xox


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