Fresh Face Friday – Dermaplaning

Smooth, blemish free skin is a dream for all and with endless treatments on the market we are bound try anything! Dermaplaning is a great non invasive treatment for exfoliation dull, lack luster skin and velous hair (those baby fines on your cheeks aka peach fuzz). Now I know you are going to do a quick google and gasp when you see deathly razors perched up against faces, or alternatively run to the store to grab a pack of blades, but just slow down; let me explain! Dermaplaning uses a sterile medical scalpel to exfoliate your skin by sloughing off the dead skin from the epidermis. As it is using a scalpel it also removes those baby fine hairs, peach fuzz. This procedure is done under the care of a specially trained medical esthetician, please don’t go running out to buy a scalpel and try this at home, eek, that could be dangerous.

The results from this treatment are instant, smooth dewy glowing skin. It is a versatile treatment as it is suitable for almost all skin types. Those with severe Acneic skin should avoid this treatment. For those looking for a gentler alternative to microdermabrasion this is for you!

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Fresh Face Friday: AHA’s & BHA..What the?

AHA’s & BHA’s – Which is best for me?

It is always a good idea to switch up your skin care regime each season. AHA’s and BHA’s can be a great winter fix. They help revitalize the skin through exfoliation. I love getting AHA Peels at the spa as it can be a great compliment to microdermabrasion.  Here is everything I have to share about these wonderful acids:

AHA, or also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid, is found in wide variety of skin care products, moisturizers, exfoliants and serums, and at your fave spa in the form of a peel! AHA’s are derived from fruit and milk sugars. You have probably heard of some common ones found among your shelves, glycolic acid and lactic acid, the latter being most commonly used for sensitive skin types. I tend to go for the glycolic as my skin can handle it, but for  delicate, sensitive skins, lactic is a better, gentle option. These acids primarily work on the surface tissue, being water soluble alpha hydroxy acids are better used for thickened sun damaged skin.

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