Fresh Face Friday – Dermaplaning

Smooth, blemish free skin is a dream for all and with endless treatments on the market we are bound try anything! Dermaplaning is a great non invasive treatment for exfoliation dull, lack luster skin and velous hair (those baby fines on your cheeks aka peach fuzz). Now I know you are going to do a quick google and gasp when you see deathly razors perched up against faces, or alternatively run to the store to grab a pack of blades, but just slow down; let me explain! Dermaplaning uses a sterile medical scalpel to exfoliate your skin by sloughing off the dead skin from the epidermis. As it is using a scalpel it also removes those baby fine hairs, peach fuzz. This procedure is done under the care of a specially trained medical esthetician, please don’t go running out to buy a scalpel and try this at home, eek, that could be dangerous.

The results from this treatment are instant, smooth dewy glowing skin. It is a versatile treatment as it is suitable for almost all skin types. Those with severe Acneic skin should avoid this treatment. For those looking for a gentler alternative to microdermabrasion this is for you!

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Fresh Face Friday – Taming the Turkey Neck

Turkey Neck

So in light of Thanksgiving, I thought this week we could talk about combating the Turkey Neck. I know I am such a jokester! But really, we all neglect our neck and decollete, it is part of our face too! We don’t want a flawless youthful face with a not so pretty neck. It only takes an extra minute to take care of your decollete so why not! Remember your skin runs head to toe!

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Fresh Face Friday: AHA’s & BHA..What the?

AHA’s & BHA’s – Which is best for me?

It is always a good idea to switch up your skin care regime each season. AHA’s and BHA’s can be a great winter fix. They help revitalize the skin through exfoliation. I love getting AHA Peels at the spa as it can be a great compliment to microdermabrasion.  Here is everything I have to share about these wonderful acids:

AHA, or also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid, is found in wide variety of skin care products, moisturizers, exfoliants and serums, and at your fave spa in the form of a peel! AHA’s are derived from fruit and milk sugars. You have probably heard of some common ones found among your shelves, glycolic acid and lactic acid, the latter being most commonly used for sensitive skin types. I tend to go for the glycolic as my skin can handle it, but for  delicate, sensitive skins, lactic is a better, gentle option. These acids primarily work on the surface tissue, being water soluble alpha hydroxy acids are better used for thickened sun damaged skin.

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Top Reasons to Get Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is one of the treatments I am obsessed with; It is my absolute favourite. As an esthetician I was always recommending the facial to friends and family, even now I am a huge advocate.

There are 2 types of Micro Treatments or Facials, using crystals or diamonds. I have had both and definitely prefer the diamond as it provides a deeper exfoliation. Microdermabrasion is a physical exfoliation which yields great results for those with pigmentation, scarring, dull/lackluster skin, or heavy build up. As someone who can get a little lazy with exfoliating regularly at home this is a great pick me up.

The Crystal Micro Treatment is performed with a wand which that emits small crystal particles to physically exfoliate and slough off dead skin. The vaccuum/suction head sucks back the dead skin. After the treatment small crystal particles remain on your skin which the tech will brush off. The Crystal treatment using vaccuum intensity to increase or decrease the level of exfoliation.

Similar to the Crystal Treatment, the Diamond Micro Treatment uses a wand which has diamonds on the end of it with a vaccuum hole in the centre. This wand is used along the face for exfoliation with the vaccuum sucking back the dead skin. This treatment doesn’t leave any particles behind, which is one of the reasons why I prefer it.

The Diamond treatment also has different wands, soft to coarse diamond tip. This allows for a better customized treatment.

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Pimple Problems!

blemish gelDo you have a pimple problems? Well fear no more! I can relate to that wretched pimple appearing right before a special event or ruining all your vacation problems. I have tried so many products and have found my absolute fave, B. Kamins Blemish Gel. It is hands down the fastest and easiest product to use when wanting to tackle an annoying blemish. The product is so affordable at $29 for a 30ml tube, it will literally last forever. You only need the teeniest amount and you can apply it twice a day for it to quickly work its magic. The product is a favourite among many and has won a couple of awards as well! Continue reading

Dermalogica – My Top 3 Favourites!

I am so excited to be talking about My Top 3 Dermalogica Favourites. I am so passionate about skin care and loved being an esthetician. I never really started out as a huge Dermalogica fan, I didn’t try the right products to begin with. That is the biggest thing with skin care, if you are advised to try the wrong products for your skin you will have a bad experience and literally hate the line.

I love Derm

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