The Dirty Thirty

I don’t mind but I kind of do? Well that doesn’t really make any sense now does it!? Well in 3 months I will be turning thirty! (GASP!) I am excited about heading into my thirties but still feel like I need to get my shit together? I am on a mission to drop 25lbs before my 30th birthday and become a little more mature whatever that means to me. I still feel like a silly sloppy teen some days. I mean I am a full time working mum who also goes to school part time, but I still don’t feel like a real adult. I am sure everyone goes through this weird phase of just what the hell have I done since I left high school and gosh I need to look good in my thirties and drop a few pounds, or maybe that’s what I like to think.

A couple weeks ago I was chatting with my husband about what we should do for my birthday, I feel like there is also this pressure to have an epic thirtieth bash and ring in the next decade with a glass of Champs. But really, all I want to do is get my hair done, it’s been a while, possibly a pedi and by a new girly dress. I haven’t bought or worn something girly since my son was born, I have been a lululemon superstar with a ponytail. As cozy and comfy as I feel I think the thirties for me will involve buttons, a bit of a heal, and a dash of lipstick.


My twenties were a whirlwind of crazy. I mean looking back I don’t know how I survived. My early twenties involved staying up pretty much all day and night, I really don’t know how I stayed awake at work. I was in a 2 year long distance relationship, with my now husband as he lived abroad. I also got married really young, at 23!  A decision I don’t regret. I lived in the middle east for 6 months, studied real estate, esthetics, did half of a BSc and got a marketing certificate in communications and now 6 months into the last 2 years of my degree in Forensics, and then I am done, I think. I also had a baby boy who is now 2, I think that was my favourite part of my twenties. Through my twenties I worked in the beauty industry which I loved, until my world was turned upside down after my maternity leave. I went back to work with my boss telling me the company was going bankrupt. Go figure! So I got my butt into gear, quit that before it got messy, moved on to another crazy company before landing in the awesome company I work at now. A little hectic I would say.

So what goals have I set myself for thirty? Besides feeling that I need to grow up, lose some weight and become a real adult. I think I am a little excited about turning thirty.


Travel! I am looking forward to travelling, although I did travel quite a bit in my twenties it was mostly to England to visit family or to see my hubby. In my thirties I am going to places never traveled before! First on the list Thailand or Bali. My husband turns 30 next April, yes I am older, so we thought we would plan a big vacay then.

A Little Pair of Feet My son is going to be 3, going on 16, this summer so I am missing having a little one running around. I have a younger brother and cannot imagine growing up without a sibling so I would love to have another pair of feet running around!

Graduation  I am really excited about graduating! I am set to complete my degree in Jan 2018. I have been wanting to complete a degree forever now, and with my passion for CSI and my nerd factor – I love science. I am eager to start a new chapter and career and cannot wait for all these courses to be over!

Hobbies I consider blogging a hobby of mine, I don’t force myself to sit every week and post, as you may have noticed, it is more of a when I want or feel the need. So I really would love to continue writing as it is a love of mine. I would also like to learn web design. It is another nerd factor of mine. I don’t know why I have an addiction to making websites, to date I have created 6, with the help of my brother, who is a professional. I have learned so much and would really like to become fluent in design.

Own a Home Ok, so for those of you living in Vancouver or who know anything about the real estate market, it is a joke, prices are insane. But I have been so blessed to have the parents I do, I have lived with them all my life, to date. I moved out for a year with my hubby but then we moved back home. Yes, people can be opinionated and voice their opinions to me, but I really don’t give 2 shits. Living with my parents has been awesome, they have helped me and my husband immensely with our tot, from date nights to when he is ill. Not to mention investing, we are able to get the down payment we need to own a home. Last but not least!

drink eat play

Friends & Family I feel like in my twenties we were always “busy” to much routine, along with my OCD about the house looking spic and span. In my 30’s I would like to let loose leave the laundry and dusting to spend some good ol’ time with friends and family. This summer we are going to rent a cabin for a week with my bestie and her family, the kids will love it!

With all that being said, I do feel great about turning 30 and don’t know why I am stressing over it. Cheers to the next decade! Well I still have 3 months to go teehee.

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