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Toddler Travel Tips

Oh to travel with a toddler! This is when I truly realize that kids really don’t have a very long attention span. Entertaining them in security and on the plane can be quite hectic to say the least! Here are a few things I have learned to carry through our travels.Toddler Travel

  1. Extra Clothes! Seriously extra extra! It’s one of those things, you think a 4 hour flight nothing can happen, and then you wish you brought 2 spare outfits.
  2. Snacks Galore. Sometimes I feel like I am packing way too much but between travelling to and from the airport, flight time it can be a long trip. One thing I have learned is not to rely on airports for picking up snacks, sometimes they don’t have what your looking for as its usually fast food; or everything is closed if its an early or late night flight. Don’t fret about all the fruit and crackers, if its for your kids security will let you take it, as long as its not excessive of courses.
  3. Entertainment. My guy loves cars, so I always pack 2 or 3 different ones and slowly release them for a change up. Books are another great one as I can read to him and hopefully he will fall asleep. I find the next one can be controversial, but I find it is a great form of entertainment, the Ipad. It can also be used as a great learning tool. Of course always limit your children’s time on any media device.
  4. Teddy.  Always bring your childs blanket, favourite stuffy, car, soother or whatever it may be. Forgetting that would be disastrous when you want your little on to settle and sleep.
  5. Patience. Yes, bring your patience, and don’t be distracted by others or worried about what other passengers may say or looks you may get. I find once you get caught up in that you no longer can concentrate on calming or entertaining your toddler. I am that mom in the plane singing wheels on the bus. I may not have a great voice but my singing sure beats loud yelling!

Anyone else have travel tips?

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